Collection: Hazardous Material Boxes/Foam Shipper Kits

Hazardous Material boxes and Supplies including:

  • Shipper Kit Types - (Plastic Jug, Paint Can and F-Style Cans)
    • Metal Pail Shipper Kits (Open and Closed with Box)
    • Plastic Jug Foam Shipper Kit -1, 2 & 4 Gallon Jug Shipper Kits
    • Quart Foam Shipper Kits - 1-2 Quarts
    • Paint Can Foam Shipper Kits - 1-2 Gallons
    • F-Style Can Foam Shipper Kits -1 & 2 Gallon F-Style Cans
Hazardous Material Boxes & Supplies


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