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Multi-Purpose Neutralizing Spill Kit

Multi-Purpose Neutralizing Spill Kit

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Multi-Purpose Neutralizing Spill Kit

Treat a wide range of hazardous chemicals and solvents. Safely clean spills of sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, caustics and common hydrocarbon solvents all with one kit.


  • Kit contents include: (2) 1.5 lb shakers of Ultimate Acid Eater Neutralizing Absorber, which contains, neutralizes and solidifies a variety of acids, including sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, or phosphoric; (1) 1.5 lb shaker of HF Acid Eater Neutralizing Absorbent, which contains, neutralizes and solidifies hydrofluoric acid; (1) 1.5 lb shaker of Base Eater Neutralizing Absorbent, which contains, neutralizes and solidifies caustics; (1) 1 lb shaker of BioRem-2000 Solvent Absorber, which absorbs spills of many common hydrocarbon solvents; 2 Goggles, 2 Aprons, 2 Pairs of Gloves; Disposal Bag & Tie; Broom & Dustpan set
  • Kit packaged in a 3.5 gal portable pail
  • Granular formulas require less clean-up and do not create "dust clouds"


    Dimensions - ext. dia. 12" x 10" H
    Shipping Dimensions - 12" W x 12" L x 10" H
    Sold as - 1 per package
    Composition - Various
    Weight - 15 lbs.
    # per Pallet - 48
    Incinerable - No
    Ship Class - 55

STOP THE SPREAD FAST!!!! - To keep spills from spreading you want to have barrier and absorbent materials available so check out our line of Berms, Booms & Pads!




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