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Plastic 95 Gallon Overpack Salvage Drum®

Plastic 95 Gallon Overpack Salvage Drum®

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The Ultra-Overpack Salvage Drums are the highest-performing overpack poly drums available.  95 gallon capacity.  A container is dual-rated as both an overpack and a salvage drum, and may be labeled as an “overpack salvage drum.”

When a container of this type is ready to be shipped, the inappropriate marking should be removed. For example, if it contains an intact container, the words “salvage drum” should be removed or indelibly covered. After that, the proper shipping name, orientation labels and the appropriate word – “overpack” or “salvage drum” – must be written or attached to the container.

  • Complies with UN Packaging Group 1 (X-Rating) and are certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3 (c).  UN Marking: 1H2/X345/S/**/USA/M5904
  • Nestable design and low tare weight allow convenient storage and reduced transportation costs.
  • Ultratech #0580

Applications Include:

  1. Overpacking of damaged or leaking packages
  2. Collection and transport of soiled sorbents
  3. Clean-up of contaminated sites
  4. Emergency response and decontamination
  5. Direct containment and transport of hazardous solids
  6. Spill kits
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